Raya David is a 20-something freelance designer and full-time dream chaser.  She is absolutely in love with sunsets, surprises, style and serendipity. She owns an LV which she never used after her graduation day because she believes that receiving a designer piece for free will never happen every day.  She loves to go home and receive a warm hug from her two baby bears Cielo and Chelsea.  She thought she wanted to pursue Law after college but realized that her arteries and veins are interrelated to creative pursuit as she is from a lineage of painters, artists, dressmakers and designers ergo artistic endeavors are something she heartily enjoys. However, she still divulge herself in reading articles of law if she is not reading Ralph Waldo Emerson’s, Paolo Coelho’s, John Green’s or the Bible. She finds tea time a relaxing escape from busy life as she gets to flip magazines drooling over fashionable finds OR admiring places she hopes to tour someday.

What is your full name?

My full name is Maria Alice David Rodelas. My family (including my boyfriend and his family and friends) call me “ALICE”. My colleagues from work call me by my nick name “RAYA” and I get called “MARIAH” by Westerners from BPO as well.

But why do you prefer to be called Raya?

There are a two reasons why I prefer to be called Raya, one is, it has a quick recall, two, it has deep, excellent penetrated meanings (Arabic –Victory; Israeli – Friend to All; Bulgarian – Heaven; Hebrew – Beautiful Woman; Malaysian – Celebration).

What’s your background?

I’m originally from South East Asia. I grew up in a country called Philippines before I moved to Bahrain last year (2013). When I came here, I’ve got many inquiries about my ethnicity such as Thai, Chinese (I don’t see any bit of it, but because I am smaller compared to Arab ladies, my look screams I am Asian) . Anyway, both of my parents are Filipino.

How would you define your style?

I would define my style as SMART, SASSY & STEADILY SEEKING. I know the definition is something funny but I would like to define it that way because I am in constant search of a style that will suit my smart and sassy preference in dressing.

What inspires you to dress?

Way back in college, I am not the one who shows up impeccably dressed, it is funny that after matter of years, I gained all the interest in smart and sassy dressing, and let me break this out, I enjoy every part of it! My fashion angels are magazine spreads and editorials, fashion blogs, chictopia, lookbook, articles of clothing trends advertised in FB sponsored posts, and to be honest inspiration can come from everywhere.

What about Rays of Raya?

Rays of A Raya (R.O.A.R.) is my personal blog where I document my personal style, great finds, my life adventures, my tips for self-development and everything else in between that I find amusing. I hope that my ravishing daily quest will be an inspiration to others to also be the best that they can be, one roar at a time.


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